Unbeatable - NERF Elite 2.0 Leader RD 6 - Reduced:£7

Unbeatable - NERF Elite 2.0 Leader RD 6 - Reduced:£7

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Unbeatable - NERF Elite 2.0 Leader RD 6 - Reduced:£7 - Nerf Guns

Removable prosthetic leg.
Lengthy brown hair.

Materials: A figurine, a gown, a cardigan, a pair of underwears, a pair of shoes, and a prosthetic lower leg.
Our Generation Suzee is worn a quite pink and also purple designed outfit. She possesses a pink blazer along with a bow to keep her cozy. Purple footwear complete her look. Our Generation Suzee Toy has a prosthetic leg just like bunches of individuals. It is completely removable so she can easily take it off when she needs to. Our Generation We're a generation of children along with big dreams! Happen and also devote the day with our team, catching fireflies as well as seeing the clouds elapse. Our team may do just about anything if we put our minds to it, coming from offering services at creature homes to making mountains and also assisting little siblings with their research. This is our opportunity. This is our tale.

Doll size 46cm.