Price Reduction - LEGO Friends Mia's Football Cube Plaything (41669 ) - Valentine's Day Value-Packed Variety Show:£7

Price Reduction - LEGO Friends Mia's Football Cube Plaything (41669 ) - Valentine's Day Value-Packed Variety Show:£7

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Price Reduction - LEGO Friends Mia's Football Cube Plaything (41669 ) - Valentine's Day Value-Packed - Lego Friends Sets

Marine reefs scene consists of prize trunk along with gemstone components.
Age: 7+.
Buddies collections create suitable Xmas presents or presents for the holiday period for innovative youngsters.
Myriad components enable your youngster's creativity to possess limitless perspectives.
Extra elements include a water-reactive fabric prize ocean, coral reef and also chart critter aspects, underwater electronic camera, health care musical instruments, diving headgear, flippers, lifestyle vests, round, mugs, glasses, cherry, laptop, smart phone, telescope, as well as 3 shades of gem aspects.
Pals ship solutions over 6" (17cm) high, 15" (40cm) lengthy and also 4" (12cm) broad.
This set is actually part of the Buddies planet of day-to-day heroes and also exciting real-world scenarios.

Speedboat actions over 1" (3cm) higher, 3" (9cm) long and also 1" (5cm) broad.
Components a 3-level motor casual riding, heart-shaped island as well as underwater coral reef scene.
The scientific research laboratory region, where the women can easily assess the specimens they have actually gathered from the sea, are going to entice budding aquatic biologists.
Permit your child role-play the hero using this rescue watercraft toy.
Every second matters as three good friends operate to rescue a narwhal beached in the superficial waters of Heartlake Metropolitan area Gulf. Ethnicity to registered nurse the whale with Mia in her rescue boat. Aid Pals Andrea to stable the LEGO Buddies boat while Olivia runs the toy crane to lift the wreckage from the whale's spine as well as stretcher her in. Always keep the whale cool in the mission watercraft's ice swimming pool as they accelerate out to deeper waters. Once the narwhal is released back in to the sea, go diving along with the gals to collect sea samples. Assist LEGO Friends Mia find the gem-filled chest utilizing the magic treasure map.
Consists of 3 mini-doll figures: Olivia, Andrea as well as Mia, plus Zobo the robotic and also a narwhal physique.
Prize pursuit aspects add one more dimension to the innovative play.
This collection becomes part of the Pals planet of daily heroes and thrilling real-world circumstances.
Heart-shaped island features a beach front, ship wreckage and jewel box with a water-reactive cloth chart.
Help your little builder know the value of caring for animals.
Make use of the Lifestyle app to access the instinctive Guidelines and also structure directions. Assist even younger contractors through the building procedure, with simple zoom, revolve and ghost-mode functions to visualise their developments as they go.
Buddies playsets encourage imaginative play, as well as help make creating creative as well as enjoyable.

Amount of Item: 908.
Electric motor casual riding features a velocity watercraft launcher, rotating as well as detachable boat crane with hook winding functionality, cockpit, horns, hunt illuminations, protection video camera, satellite dish, lab, cooking area toilet, area as well as bed room and a look-out deck.