Flash Sale - Lego Brickheadz Mr. & Mrs. Claus - Frenzy:£19

Flash Sale - Lego Brickheadz Mr. & Mrs. Claus - Frenzy:£19

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Flash Sale - Lego Brickheadz Mr. & Mrs. Claus - Frenzy:£19 - Lego Brickheadz

Features a buildable plant and also a stack of gifts.

Each personality towers above 3' (8cm) tall without baseplate.
Each BrickHeadz? development character includes its personal buildable collection agent's baseplate including an in season schedule as well as BrickHeadz logo design.
Mash up your BrickHeadz? construction personalities to create supercool hybrids or your very own outstanding characters.

Buildable BrickHeadz? Mr. & Mrs. Claus construction characters feature embellished eyes, festive reddish and white colored attire, easily-removed present sack as well as assorted pie as well as biscuit factors.
Have a blast growing your BrickHeadz? collection along with other characters from your favored movies, TV series, games as well as comics.
Invite BrickHeadz? 40274 Mr. & Mrs. Claus right into your residence for some cheery exciting. Visit Mr. Claus' bobbled hat, hairy white colored beard, brownish fastening as well as detachable sack, plus buildable tree and heap of gifts. Mrs. Claus possesses a buildable sweet stick plus diverse birthday cakes as well as cookie elements. Each construction personality comes with a buildable debt collector's baseplate along with a seasonal calendar as well as BrickHeadz logo design for quick and easy show due to the fire place, in your office or even anywhere you just like.

Each baseplate procedure over 4' (11cm) vast and also 2' (7cm) deep.