July 4th Sale - Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match - Halloween Half-Price Hootenanny:£34

July 4th Sale - Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match - Halloween Half-Price Hootenanny:£34

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July 4th Sale - Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match - Halloween Half-Price Hootenanny:£34 - Lego Harry Potter

Maintain score along with the Hufflepuff? residence tower's scoreboard.

Features 6 minifigures: Harry Potter?, Hermione Granger?, Severus Snape?, Oliver Hardwood, Lucian Bole and also Marcus Flint.
Accessory elements consist of a breast, 2 wands, 4 brooms, Quaffle, Golden Snitch?, baseball bat, 2 Bludgers, prize, scoreboard and also megaphone.
Attributes Gryffindor? property tower along with an opening hatch, Slytherin? property tower along with a pop-up fire incantation feature, Ravenclaw? property high rise along with a removable loudspeaker element, Hufflepuff? house tower along with scoreboard, and also a core with 3 goalposts and also rings, moving Keeper function as well as Bludger stud shooter.
Utilize the Gryffindor? residence high rise's position hatch to enter a player onto the Quidditch? sound.

Toss the Quaffle in the air to signify the begin of the Quidditch? suit, after that fire the Bludger to take the gamers off their sweepers.
Play the best thrilling wizarding sporting activity through this 75956 Quidditch? Match Harry Potter? play collection. Participate In Harry, Hermione as well as Professor Snape? at the video games, featuring Gryffindor?, Slytherin?, Ravenclaw? and also Hufflepuff? house high rises with looking at stands and participate in attribute functions, plus a base with Bludger pillar shooter and also 3 goalposts with a relocating Caretaker function to protect the rings. Utilize the sweeper's positioned firing feature to shoot the Quaffle by means of the bands and also create the famous Quidditch video games coming from the smash hit Harry Potter films, or even produce up your personal enjoyable challenges using this fun-packed LEGO Harry Potter plaything.

Help Hermione projected a spell on Teacher Snape? making use of the pop-up fire feature on the Slytherin? property high rise.

Unpack the Quaffle, Golden Snitch?, Bludgers as well as baseball bat, and ready to play!
Fire the sweeper's mounted shooter to dispatch the Quaffle with a band!

Each tower evaluates over 7' (18cm) higher, 1' (4cm) broad as well as 1' (4cm) deeper.
Relocate the goalpost functionality to install the caretaker facing the bands.
Utilize the megaphone as well as yell help for your team coming from the Ravenclaw? house high rise.