Black Friday Weekend Sale - Lego Marvel Iron Guy Armory - President's Day Price Drop Party:£29

Black Friday Weekend Sale - Lego Marvel Iron Guy Armory - President's Day Price Drop Party:£29

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Black Friday Weekend Sale - Lego Marvel Iron Guy Armory - President's Day Price Drop Party:£29 - Lego Marvel Set

Wonder Avengers playsets bring Marvel flick activity to life, impressive innovative superhero function play along with collectible minifigures, plaything lorries, gizmos and also tools.
construction sets satisfy the greatest business specifications, which indicates every LEGO plaything is actually regular, suitable and also links and also takes apart wonderfully each time-- as well as it is actually been that way since 1958.

Clear guidelines aid youngsters get imaginative ideal away. With awesome characters, enjoyable features and also a familiar flick site, this straightforward overview ensures optimum build-and-play exciting every single time.

Hands-on superhero action along with LEGO brick development toys.
With 2 foe burglars to fight and also a super-cool racer to steer, Wonder Avengers Iron Guy Armory (76167) provides superhero fans with a versatile playset stuffed with creative role-play possibilities.
No electric batteries needed to have. Youngsters imaginations are actually let loose immediately as they play and also create using this hands-on toy, whenever as well as wherever they wish.

If you are actually searching for the greatest superhero special day present for a young boy or girl aged 7 or up, LEGO Marvel Avengers building playthings offer youngsters collectible minifigures, outstanding attributes and also limitless innovative superhero fun.

Inspire kids to build, think of as well as perform out open-ended tales with Iron Male, the prominent superhero coming from the Marvel Avengers motion pictures. Along with 2 crooks, a souped-up vehicle, 2 fantastic Iron Male satisfies, minifigure, tiny Iron Guy model prize number and also an amazing buildable setup, this powerful as well as complex playset gives all a younger superhero needs to have for action-packed role-play journeys.
Packed with enjoyable features and also outstanding extras for inventive play and superhero action, this Marvel fans' building and construction collection is actually an excellent X-mas plaything or even birthday gift for children aged 7 as well as up.
Marvel Avengers Iron Guy Armory (76167) is packed along with inventive role-play options for kids aged 7 as well as up. The varied playset puts Iron Man journeys right into the palms of younger superheroes.
Iron Man journeys with cool weapons and a racer.

Along with the depot assessing over 3' (8cm) higher and the stock car 3.5' (10cm) long, this playset encourages legendary superhero adventures as well as creates an incredible show in little ones' areas.
Features a Tony Stark minifigure, 2 Iron Guy suits, 2 opponent A.I.M. Professionals as well as a warm pole for him to mend as well as drive. Much like the films, there is actually additionally a little Iron Male prototype style and also a hamburger for him to snack on.
When crooks burglarize Iron Male's property, children have to utilize his racer's shooting features, the Iron Guy suit's electrical power blasts plus all their superhero skills to save him, his armor and the priceless Iron Guy prototype.

At the LEGO Group, our team drop, warmth, crush, spin as well as examine our bricks as well as items to ensure every child's playset complies with the best plaything safety as well as quality criteria on the planet.