Half-Price - Lego Friends Stephanie'S Swimming pool Shell - Digital Doorbuster Derby:£6

Half-Price - Lego Friends Stephanie'S Swimming pool Shell - Digital Doorbuster Derby:£6

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Half-Price - Lego Friends Stephanie'S Swimming pool Shell - Digital Doorbuster Derby:£6 - Lego Friends Sets

Make a burst any place you select Stephanie's Swimming pool Sheathing. This transportable skin includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure, an animal dog figure, buildable pool/swimming equipment and also assorted accessory aspects to inspire tons of Pals role-play enjoyable.
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Attributes a portable plastic pod in violet with a Stephanie mini-doll figure, pet canine body, buildable pool/swimming equipment and also assorted accessory elements inside.
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Resolutions over 2' (6cm) higher, 2' (6cm) large and also 1' (3cm) deeper