February Love Sale - Lego Area Station House - Value-Packed Variety Show:£59

February Love Sale - Lego Area Station House - Value-Packed Variety Show:£59

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February Love Sale - Lego Area Station House - Value-Packed Variety Show:£59 - Lego City Set

Fire terminal solutions over 11' (28cm) high, 8' (21cm) large as well as 10' (27cm) deep-seated.
Functions a 3-level station house along with office, leisure area as well as scout high rise, tiny waterside dock and also a distinct garage with sizable opening up main door as well as a touchdown pad for the featured buildable drone. Additionally features a small build with a trash bin, newspaper stack and buildable flame factors.

Water personal mobility scooter actions over 2' (6cm) long and also 1' (3cm) broad.
This imaginative structure plaything collection includes over five hundred pieces.
Device aspects feature a pillar firing fire extinguisher, 6 water factors, pail, telephone, tv, popcorn as well as a remote-control component for the drone.

Fire terminal garage works with fire motor vehicles coming from various other City Fire puts.
Fire off-road auto solutions over 2' (6cm) high, 4' (12cm) lengthy and also 1' (5cm) broad.
Includes 4 Area minifigures: a fire main as well as 3 firefighters, plus a fire pet dog number.
Searching drone solutions over 1' (3cm) higher, 2' (7cm) long and also 2' (7cm) broad.
Press the light and also sound block on the off-road motor vehicle to clear the method as you quicken to the fire.

Protect the consumers of Area along with the action-packed 60215 Station house, featuring a 3-level station house along with workplace, relaxation space as well as recruiter tower, tiny waterside dock and also a separate garage with huge opening up main door and a landing pad for the easily removed scouting drone with spinning blades as well as electronic camera. This awesome set likewise features a fire off-road lorry along with a stud-shooting fire hose as well as new-for-January-2019 operating lighting and also sound brick, plus a water mobility scooter, 4 minifigures and a station house canine number.

Turn the blades to dispatch the drone and also spin the video camera to browse for fires.

Lots a water element into the fire tube as well as extinguisher and also push the bars to fire all of them at the fire and also 'put' them out.
This amazing set also includes an engine company off-road lorry with new-for-January-2019 functioning illumination and also audio block, functioning fire pipe along with bar and also storage space chambers, plus a water mobility scooter along with area for a stud-shooting fire extinguisher and a searching drone along with turning blades as well as a rotating cam.