80% Off - Lego Area Skies Cops Air Station - Value:£69

80% Off - Lego Area Skies Cops Air Station - Value:£69

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80% Off - Lego Area Skies Cops Air Station - Value:£69 - Lego City Set

Extra factors feature a coffee equipment and also cup, PC display screen, 2 management high rise displays, 3 pairs of manacles, 2 walkie-talkies, 3 headgears along with opening hats, an authorities hat and also a safety video camera.
Patrol the Metropolitan area streets coming from over with the strongly thorough 60210 Skies Authorities Air station toy set, featuring a 3-level police office management high rise with jetpack storage, workplace on the first stage, affixed tool storage region as well as a jail cell along with garden and breakaway wall structure. This superb set additionally includes a cops airplane with completely removable nostrils cone as well as hatch below to go down the parachute plaything, a jetpack along with collapsible parts, a police motorbike, a vacation auto with chain as well as hook, and also 6 minifigures.
Load the parachute with affixed Skies Law enforcement officers minifigure right into all-time low of the plaything airplane and also drive the lever to launch him at the escaping criminals.
Attach the hook from the crook's plaything getaway cars and truck to the jail cell wall surface and also pull it far from the structure to assist the burglar breaking away.

Order the plaything jetpack, open up the wings and also chase after down the scoundrels.
Parachute steps over 11' (29cm) high as well as 7' (20cm) large.
Heavens Police plane toy steps over 5' (13cm) high, 11' (30cm) long and 15' (39cm) wide.

Turn the radar meal in addition to the station to track air website traffic for the Sky Police troop.

Components a 3-level police office management high rise with jetpack storing, workplace, turning gps dish on the roof, attached resource storing and a jail cell along with mattress and breakaway wall.

This cold toy for youngsters features over 500 parts.
Heavens Authorities Air Foundation measures over 9' (25cm) high, 8' (22cm) wide and also 1' (5cm) deep.
Features 6 Metropolitan area minifigures: 2 Heavens Law enforcement officer, 2 policeman as well as 2 scoundrels.
Toy vacation automobile actions over 1' (4cm) high, 4' (12cm) lengthy as well as 1' (4cm) vast.
Likewise consists of a Heavens Police plane dabble completely removable nose cone as well as a hatch below to launch the featured thin, covered towel parachute, Heavens Cops toy jetpack with collapsible airfoils, authorities motorcycle plaything and a toy vacation auto with chain as well as hook for the criminals.