Half-Price - Proven G2X LE Dual-Output LED Torch. - Spectacular:£61

Half-Price - Proven G2X LE Dual-Output LED Torch. - Spectacular:£61

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Half-Price - Proven G2X LE Dual-Output LED Torch. - Spectacular:£61 - Surefire Flashlight

Parabolic reflector develops hassle-free, enhanced light beam along with a lot of grasp and also neighbor lighting.
Product DetailsSurefire G2X LE Dual-Output LED Torch.
* All functionality claims tested to ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 Requirement.
Weatherproof-- O-ring and also gasket sealed.
Basically unbreakable LED emitter is actually controlled to optimize result and also runtime.
Result/ Runtime-- White Light.
2 output degrees-- very high for max lighting, reduced for extended-runtime.
Value w/Batteries 4:.4 ounces.
Higher: 600 lumens/ 1.5 hrs *.
Electric batteries 2: 123A( featured).

Bezel Diameter 1:.25 ins.
Tough Nitrolon? polymer body system as well as Mil-Spec hard-anodized frame.
Length 5:.20 inches.

Click on on/off tailcap button meets requirements of law enforcement-- push for momentary-on high, click on for constant-on high; profits to off as well as press or click once again for low.
A click-style military tailcap change handles the lighting's result-- merely press or even click to discharge all 600 lumens in short-lived or even constant-on setting, a necessary component for police uses where instant access to the greatest output provides a planned benefit. Go back to off and push or click again within two secs for G2X LE's lower-output 15-lumen beam.
Reduced: 15 lumens/ 52 hours *.
Particularly developed to satisfy the demands of police specialists, the SureFire G2X? LE leads along with high outcome on its first press or even click. It includes a high-performance LED that produces a max result of 600 lumens of blinding white light focused by an allegorical reflector right into a versatile beam along with notable range and also substantial surround lighting for sustaining great situational understanding, important in police. At its own lesser outcome the G2X LE presents a practical 15-lumen ray of light that offers prolonged runtime on a collection of electric batteries, for activities that do not require as much illumination.