Liquidation - Proven G2ZX CombatLight Single-Output LED. - Boxing Day Blowout:£79

Liquidation - Proven G2ZX CombatLight Single-Output LED. - Boxing Day Blowout:£79

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Liquidation - Proven G2ZX CombatLight Single-Output LED. - Boxing Day Blowout:£79 - Surefire Flashlight

CombatGrip for fasten keep in all states.
The single-output G2ZX, made and also developed particularly for military make use of, makes 600 lumens of fantastic white illumination from a high-performance LED that is virtually unsusceptible breakdown due to the fact that there's no filament to tire or even breather. It uses a micro-textured polycarbonate reflector to produce a smooth ray of light with optimal light distribution?excellent range combined along with significant surround beam for peripheral sight. The G2ZX bezel is matte-black Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace light weight aluminum and also the physical body is difficult, corrosion-proof Nitrolon? plastic, both offering premium scrape, rust, and also grating resistance. The CombatGrip design?reduced- diameter mid-section as well as rubber grasp ring?is ideal for flashlight/handgun procedures as well as additionally supplies a secure grip also with moist, cool, or gloved palms. Components ergonomic desk military switching?press the tailcap button for momentary-on, twist the tailcap for constant-on.
Product DetailsSurefire G2ZX CombatLight Single-Output LED.
Tactical tailcap switch?press for momentary-on, spin for constant-on.
Difficult Nitrolon? body, plated light weight aluminum frame.

Virtually everlasting LED emitter regulated to take full advantage of sunlight output and also runtime.
Weight w/Batteries 4:.3 ounces.
Max Output-- White Lighting 600:.0 Lumens/ 1.5 hours *.
Batteries 2: 123A( consisted of).
Weatherproof O-ring and also covering sealing.
Bezel Dimension 1:.25 inches.
Accuracy micro-textured reflector generates hassle-free, improved beam of light.
Includes high-energy 123A batteries along with 10-year service life.
Size 5:.20 inches.
Tough polycarbonate window avoids blow.