Click and Collect Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC HPL USB FLASHLIGHT. - Weekend:£77

Click and Collect Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC HPL USB FLASHLIGHT. - Weekend:£77

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Click and Collect Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC HPL USB FLASHLIGHT. - Weekend:£77 - Streamlight protac series

Reduced for a much less intense light beam and also extended run time: 65 lumens; 95m beam of light; operates twenty hrs; 2,250 candela.
Battery Volume.
Operate Time above.
Beam of light Span.
TEN-TAP? Programming-- Choice of 3 consumer selectable plans: 1) high/strobe/low 2) high only 3) low/medium/highHigh for optimum illumination: 1,000 lumens; 374m ray of light; operates 1.5 hours; 35,000 candela.

Strobe for signaling or even disorienting: runs 3 hrs.
Run Time on Low.
374 gauges.
Max Candela.
Item Specs Higher Lumens.
Multi-function, push-button rear button for one-handed function.
Long-range, high candela planned lighting that presents a vivid, important beam of light that shines 374m to light up items at a distance. It is actually USB rechargeable, and it accepts a number of electric battery sources, so you'll always have a ray of light when you need it.
Uses lithium ion electric battery (P/N 74175); additionally approves pair of CR123A lithium batteries or even Streamlight SL-B26? guarded Li-Ion USB chargeable battery pack.
1 - 2.
Anti-roll scalp protects against the light from rolling away when you set it down.
Lithium ion electric battery charges in the lighting in 7 hours.
IPX4 water resistant; 2m impact protection testedWater-resistant moving metal sleeve protects USB port.
Tool for vivid lighting and also longer operate time: 400 lumens; 237m beam of light; operates 3 hrs; 14,100 candela.
1.50 hours.

20.00 hrs.
Streamlight SL-B26 Safeguarded Li-Ion USB Rechargeable Electric Battery Stuff, Lithium Ion Tissue Stuff, CR123A Lithium.
Features USB cord, detachable pocket clip as well as tear resisting nylon material holster.
9.24 ozs (261.95 grams).
Electric battery Style.
Heavy duty, anodized aluminum building.
7.08' (18.0 cm); 9.24 oz. (262g).
7.08 ins (17.98 centimeters).
Minimal life time manufacturer's warranty.