April Showers Sale - Our Generation Horse Dependable - Steal:£79

April Showers Sale - Our Generation Horse Dependable - Steal:£79

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April Showers Sale - Our Generation Horse Dependable - Steal:£79 - Our Generation Dolls

Prepare off for the equine receive the Our Generation Locks Destination Equine Trailer Specify. This steed trailer playset includes an English seat, seat quilt and additional steed devices-- consisting of a winner's prize! There's a lot of room inside for an Our Generation horse as well as foal. The Our Generation Hair Destination Horse Trailer Specify possesses a grass bag and also container, as properly as a news and also rake for mucking out. Your Our Generation figures may take really good care of their equines with brushing and health care devices coming from the initial assistance set and hoof choice to the comb, cleaning glove and also sponge. Other extras feature 4 equine shoes, a rope teether, using crop, bottle of unguis gel, 2x bottles, a spray container and also equine scraper. The trailer drawback attaches easily to the My Way and also Highways 4x4 Vehicle (Ref: 156534). Equine, foal, Our Generation dolly and also 4x4 Jeep all sold separately.
Dangling accessory caddy.
2 positions to hang seat blankets.
Our Generation Horse Trailer along with over 20 accessories.

Bottom storing area.
Fold down shelf for saddle.
Opening doors as well as home windows.

Rack and also 3 hooks for extras.

Best window opens right for extra action area.